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"Ah, you probably wonder about the same question over and over, huh? Fine, fine. I believe in the girl's skill. That's why I wanted to pass an invitation to her." He smiled and gulped a few sips of beer down his throat.


She poured the hot water from the thermos into a mug and mixed it with some lukewarm water to lower the temperature of the liquid. Once the water seemed fine for drinking, she brought the mug and plastic container of pills to him. "Medicine."


"Listen, I have a very short amount of time so I will not explain anything more. I'm sending a picture to Susu's phone, and I want you to tell me if you know what kind of pill this is. Lin Que is occupied right now, so I really need you to help me with it."


Normally, chemotherapy sessions felt like forever for Susu, but today, it went by quickly. Soon, another nurse walked in to change the IV infusion for Susu's treatment. While the girls relaxed their stomach from all the laughter and jokes that they've said to each other, Susu noticed something different.


One by one, the restroom stalls were kicked opened using his foot. His craving for a rotting iron stench and an atrocious splatter of red liquid walls increased as he narrowed it down to the last stall.


"Because you have no choice. Behind these doors, my daughter could use the same scalpel and slice each tendon, muscle, veins and other parts that wouldn't kill you instantly. By the time you regret your choice, you would be either hurting like hell as you feel each fresh cut cutting you to sashimi layers or crying to change your decision. Karen tricked you twice, but we didn't. I'm offering you a chance for revenge. What do you say?"

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Chen Mu asked Lily to repeat everything that had happened in the room after they had stepped out to the lab. He listened attentively to make sure he didn't misheard anything. When they were finished, they realized that something was wrong with Susu. Her eyes were slowly closing and no matter how they called her name, she wasn't responding. The good news was that her vital signs were normal for the time being. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.


"Always..haaaa" Her words were interrupted by his unwarned intrusion as his penis kissed her womb in one deep thrust. Her insides tightened around his dick each time he slid in and out of her wetness. She moaned loudly and let her voice relax as she enjoyed the bonding connection between them.


"Ariana! Are you alright?!" The girls ran over to inspect her from head to toe. She giggled and hugged them both, "I'm fine. The person is gone."


Before the girls stepped their first step down the staircase, a man had interrupted, "What a coincidence to run into you."


He silently repeated the mantra, hoping it could help ease the pain and numbness that he was feeling. When that didn't work, he put his laptop aside, closed his eyes, and said, "Pain is just an illusion. An illusion. If you don't think about it, it doesn't exist."


"No, no, no. Hun, did you think he would still be in one piece if he dared to cheat on me or look at others? It's just that the other night, we had dinner over at a friend's place and he commented that the hostess cooked very well. He looked pleased and even said that whoever could marry a great cook is very fortunate. Obviously that girl was pleased to hear it with her single status." Lily scoffed when she recalled the girl's expression.


This time, he gulped and didn't dare let out a chuckle. His arms were around her tiny waist with his fingers interlocked as he whispered, "It's alright. Just a movie. I'm here... I'm here..." He started stroking the back of her head and pulling the blanket over her body, so she won't feel cold.



Reciprocating her intimate action, he hugged her waist and pecked her cheeks, "Sorry, I thought I could deal with them before you woke up from your nap."



Who would have known that there was such a huge conspiracy behind the rich people? Everyone that Zi Yan had mentioned became a part of their avenge plan for breaking up this family. The names of the people involved were: Yin Zin Leung; Liang Yu Qing's father, Liang Yang Guo; Li Shen Wen, Tian Guo Min and possible others. Their greed costed many lives and family separations. And now, their Karma will come back to haunt them.


Although she performed and completed her tasks on time, she chose the ones that she believed was right. Never had she harmed anyone who didn't deserve the Karma. Since she was one of the best candidates for jobs in the underground market, everyone respected her wherever she went.


Actually, she already noticed that something was off with the heavy atmosphere in the room. Ariana and Lily were way less lively and cheerful compared to their usual selves. When Chen Mu failed to answer her question and faked a smile to hide his sorrow, she confirmed her suspicions. She pretended that everything was alright just to buy some private time with him.

  • He continued in one breath with a deadly gaze scanning her from head to toe, "You only know how to put on a stupid act because you have such low esteem that you should pity yourself. For those whom you've lied to and will continue to lie towards, they are seriously blind and illogical. Senseless. Literally, this is the type of woman every man despises. For you to compare yourself to Susu? You're not even worthy."
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