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"Feverish? Are you feeling alright?" Lily frowned and quickly placed her palms on Susu's forehead. Susu shook her head and said, "Not that kind of fever. I meant... I meant like for example, after Chen Mu came out of his shower, I watched the water droplets trace down his neck.."


"Who told me to choose Doctor Chen Nan as my husband? If it was anyone else, you would do the same because the Chen Nan that I fell in love with is someone who could never neglect his patients. Besides, if it weren't for Grandpa Xia, we wouldn't be together right now. We owe him big time."


Without any painkillers, Karen felt the cold tool against the back of her teeth, heard the small cracks as each tooth separated from her gums and tasted the heavy splashing iron flavored liquid that she used to enjoy while eating steak. When Kitty was finished with the extraction, Karen only had a few tooth's left inside her mouth. The only reason why some weren't removed was because those were bigger in size and the bleeding would be too much for Karen to handle.


He was furious at Zin Leung's words, "If he says that because Susu still has his family name, then I'll make her a Chen! There, I will have every damn right to interfere now while they can escort their asses out of our sight. They've tortured her enough, and I won't allow anyone to make her shed another tear."


Karen showed the pictures of the pills to Kitty. "Oh! I recognize this pill! It's a pill that we prescribe to patients with early stages of cancer." Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.


"I love you.." She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him in for a kiss. He brushed her hair away from her face and kissed her back. "I love you too," he whispered into her ears.

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He stood by the edge of the bed and observed her carefully. From her smooth, slightly messed up hair that were lazily spread on the bed, her round innocent pair of eyes, bruised looking lips that he had nibbled on not enough times, and all the way to her nervously closed thighs; perfection.


"Remember how you jumped up from getting scared of a jump scare scene from that horror movie and ended up on my lap. We were just inches apart or even just centimeters apart from each other; at least our lips were. You took the initiate and kissed me." His voice became gentler as she placed her head on his chest with her ears close enough to hear his heartbeat. She closed her eyes and answered, "mmm," once in a while.


She minimized the gap between them and wrapped her arms around his waist. Seeing that he has not been woken up by her action, she got close enough to his face where the tip of their noses touched. She could feel her heart racing crazily through the small touch. Gently, she lifted his chin and kissed him, "Morning." She whispered.


"Wow!!!! I did it!! I actually did it! Woooo!! I'll see if he dares to say that I can't cook anymore after this! Hmph!!" She proudly took pictures of it and sent it to her and Lin Que's parents. Of course, she didn't forget to tell them to keep it a secret from him.


"Your cat is out of the box. Give you two minutes to get him out of there and stall his time for me.""


"Here, let me see." Chen Mu took her pulse and pressed on different acupuncture points to see if there were any blood flow irregularities going on in her body. He asked her to try lifting her arm and moving her fingers, but her body wasn't responding to her commands.


Ariana crossed her arm, "Susu is being targeted. This also applies to the whole Zi family and anyone closely related to her. You guys need to be cautious and high alert at all times from now on."



"Here, put them together." Susu took the stem carefully and naturally knew the correct placement and where to stick the stem into the rose. Her eyes widened as she watched the rose blossom and petals soften like a real rose. She blinked at how beautiful this design worked out. It was similar to the outfit that she designed with the bendable petals, except this was like a magic trick.



"Didn't you provoke me and said to fight you one on one? Here, I'm giving you a chance to speak up. What do you want to say?" Chen Nan saw Susu's bag on the floor and some items on the street. He looked around for important items and collected them. Items such as lipsticks and pens could be replaced, so those he didn't take because he didn't know whether it belonged to her.


He felt her fingers loosen on his shirt. Her slightly trembling voice tug on his heartstrings, effectively taking over his heart, "I..don't have to hold back?"


Just like their first kiss, he followed her pace and waited until she got used to it. Sometimes his touch would make her shiver and other times he could sense the excitement from her body's shudder. He took his time and let her explore until she felt at ease and secured to continue. In between, he would whisper, "You're beautiful," "I love you," and other sweet words that'll make her smile as they kissed each other tenderly.

  • Susu was in deep slumber and the more they tried to wake her up, the more she struggled with strong fists clenching on her blanket.
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